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Auto Wrapping Machine
Auto Wrapping Machine


Easy and fast way to make coils well packed by wrapping toroidally.
Touch screen control panel (MMI) easily complete overall adjustment & movement.
Standard service range for oil O.D. 200-800mm.
Best choice to make coils for wire and cable, tube, hose industry, etc.
Simple and easy to use with low maintenance cost.
Auto Coiling and Strapping M
Auto Coiling and Strapping Machine


Automatically produce cable coil and strap it at one machine.
It makes one diametral strap cross 2 sides from outside of the coil or 2/4 toroidal straps on the coil according to customers' request.
Good solution to automate the production line from coiling to packaging station.

Auto Coiling and Wrapping 2
Auto Coiling and Wrapping 2 in 1 Machine


Automatically produce cable coil and wrap it just with one machine.
Specially designed for building wire from 1.5 to 16mm2.
Fully automatic production line helps you to save labor cost and factory space.
After wrapping, it can be sent by a simple conveyor, auto stacking conveyor or a palletizer.

Heat Shrink Packing Machine
Heat Shrink Packing Machine

Fully pack the coil with PE / POF shrinking film.
The machine is composed of a sealing station & a heat shrink tunnel.
Simple design for easy operation and maintenance.

Copper Tape Wrapping System
Copper Tape Wrapping System


Use for heavy coil or copper tape/wire packaging and wrapping.
Simply control size of coil, overlapping rate of wrapping materials by HMI.
System consists of 90 degree turning point, conveyor, coil cart, robot arms, weight station, wrapping station, wrapping tail fixing station, and auto palletizer.
The 4 arms, driven by DC motor,  turns the coils smoothly for wrapping.
Design to upload and unload the heavy coil easily.

Auto Coiling and Binding Mac
Auto Coiling and Binding Machine


Automatically produce cable coil and bind it at one machine.
Select to make 1 diametral bind cross 2 sides from outside of the coil; or 2 toroidal binds on the coil.
Additional binder unit will be available for making 2 diametral binds or 4 toroidal binds on one coil.
Good solution to automate the production line from coiling to packaging station.

Strapping Machine
Strapping Machine


Instant heating
Simple operation
Easy tension adjustment
Energy-saving feature
Wide range of suitable strap width

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